Letting go

Make your life easier by getting rid of the fear of losing it. (And in general, if you stop worrying about losing something, you'll much more enjoy it.) There is no point in that fear, anyway.

First of all, your life is running away, each and every day; it's not as if it were there for you, all of it, as long as you live, and then suddenly you lose it all. Contrast this with owning a sum of money: it's not as if you have the entire sum in your bank account, for a long time, and then suddenly lose it all when the bank goes bust - rather, day by day a small fraction of that amount trickles away, until finally nothing is left. You shouldn't focus on that final moment: there is nothing you can do then anymore. It is more prudent to do something with that money while it is still yours.

And why restrict your worries to a few exceptional situations? I'm going on transcontinental flights every few months or so, and I often find myself uneasily thinking about plane crashes or hijackers in the days immediately before. (What do you mean? I never said I'm myself free of it ...) But as we all know, that one of those happens to me is not really more probable than any accident at home. There is always danger and risk. We shouldn't ignore them, and there is nothing wrong with caution. But don't allow them to invade your thoughts with fears. Take care.
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