These days the world around us is full of information, and one might easily become too distracted by it. By this I don't mean just the floods of dull entertainment and mindless rambling all the media are full of. Even if you ignore all that (and it definitely is wise to carefully filter it out from what you accept to be aware of) there is still a tremendous load of substantial information at your fingertips.

For example, those who are interested in a scientific paper today, a political background story tomorrow, and then get fascinated by a novel technology next week, and dedicate themselves to traveling shortly after that, just to return to some serious-again reading and half-writing an essay, only interrupted for that bit of top-news everybody talks about, and then ... (it's not even necessary to finish that sentence, don't you think?)

This is still superficiality, though a different sort of it. All these topics may well be more substantial intellectually than the daily soap. But then what are they chosen for? Mostly because they seem to be interesting, at any rate for the moment. But just a little later something else gets all more important, which then is replaced by just another thing - and none of them ever makes a lasting contribution to what makes your life your life. If you're interested in getting there, you have to focus. Take care.
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