Make good use of your time

There is only one thing that really, actually belongs to us - and that is the time that is given to us. Making good use of our life time should be the most important goal that we have.

To say that time is 'ours' is to speak figuratively, of course. The difference between time that we have and time that we don't have is not the same as the difference between, say, some money that we have or have not.

Money is something that may come and go - time isn't. We only have got a given amount of it (we don't even know how much), and losing that we end up with nothing. Every day of one's life, once it is wasted, will never come back.

It is a bit of an irony that often those are most likely to recognize this who have already spent most of their time. They have gained enough experience to see that it was the only thing they really should have valued. Those who still have most of their time before them are typically unable to find to that insight. They are caught in their misconception that death is still far away. However, to die just means to lose one's life, and that happens continuously, all the time. Take care.
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