Being different

Do you think that it is a good idea to demonstrate through your very appearance and behavior how different you are? Well, even taking for granted that you are different (and how many of those self-styled 'non-conformers' aren't) - what's the point of driving this into the perception of others?

It's also un-philosophical (if that counts anything for you). Having studied philosophy, one may have gained a bit of insight into what has made us what we are; insight perhaps into human reason and rationality, into the driving forces of societies or the laws of nature (and what it is that makes them laws, as opposed to just accidental regularities), and why truth, beauty and moral integrity are something worth our attention and our sustained efforts in gaining them.

Whatever your insights are - and assuming you have found them worth having - you may feel you are responsible to make them available to others, to communicate them somehow, and were it just by giving an example in acting according to them. But you can't convincingly suggest a better way of living to someone if you are demonstratively different, can you? Take care.
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