Voluntary control

Is it a plausible ideal (or a plausible goal that one might set for oneself) to appear completely immovable, indifferent and entirely in control to everybody? To show no emotions and look as if nothing at all could disturb one's mind?

Even if one works very hard to achieve this, it is extremely difficult to reach that goal. I think most people would also think of it as very unnatural; certainly others would feel uneasy in encounters with you if you built up such a cold, inscrutable facade.
But we have to distinguish between two versions: one would be a mere facade, with the ability to really hide everything that goes on behind it; but wouldn't this amount to mere play-acting, a doubtful means of deceit? (And what possible purpose might be behind this, if it wasn't a mean, probably a dishonest one?) The other would be the more extreme case of someone who does not only appear totally unmoved, but actually is. Most probably, this would involve eradicating almost every feeling, and it is doubtful that somebody can do this and still live a fulfilled, or even a normal life.

There are also certain bodily reactions that cannot be suppressed, and in general it would be unwise to do so: often enough they indicate some condition that has not yet reached our consciousness, but which already is recognized by the unconscious, or perhaps instinct. To train oneself to suppress this looks patently unwise. Take care.
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