Trust in others' reason

I'll give you a direct means for determining how reasonable people think you are: if they dare to leave you to yourself, they think highly of you; if they think they'll better keep a constant eye on you, you're not trusted very far.

As a border case, we take that latter attitude towards mad and insufficiently self-controlled people - we think it's dangerous for us (and for them) not to monitor them. In the other extreme, you can show your high respect for someone by giving them carte blanche in some matter; this will count all the more with them if that matter is of great consequence for you personally.

There is a complication to this. If you don't get that estimation, is this because you're actually not worth it, or because the the person who might have conferred it (but didn't) is misjudging you? And what does it mean that you are 'actually' not worth it? (Is there an independent way to tell, apart from how others treat you?) Also think about how often you yourself confer esteem in this way on others. Take care.
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